Windsor Oaks Solar Cost Calculator

This calculator is an estimate for homes located in Windsor Oaks. Our homes are new and quite efficient, so solar is affordable and I can sell it for less than these guys driving you crazy knocking on your door.

This calculator is based on a top quality solar system with 370 watt high power panels and a Solar Edge inverter system with a FULL 25 year warranty. It is based on a low interest 25 yr loan. (1.49% to be exact) You don’t have to be a credit rating rockstar to qualify. 

The orientation of your home can make a 10-20% difference in this calculator in either direction. At our latitude, south facing panels see the most sun, next is west,  then north. 

The Federal Tax credit is based purely on the size (cost) of your system. For most houses in Windsor Oaks, this will be between $9000 and $13,000. There is also a LIMITED amount of funds available from the City of Denton. In the past, those have been $6,000 for systems in this size range. Time is running out to be able to claim the Denton rebate. 

I am an independent sales agent of Titan Solar, one of the largest installers in Texas. Their DFW base is in Irving. This is a multi-step process and I will be right beside you all the way to system activation. 

I got in to this business to help people go solar. We can get started by you completing the form at the bottom of the page or emailing me at or calling me at (940) 217-6040. I need not come to your home. I will if you want me to, but we can do this accurately and easily via remote methods. 

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