Why Converting to Solar Works So Well in Denton, Texas

  • Denton residents enjoy a huge 26% incentive on solar.
    • The 26% tax credit will be reduced soon and is a huge incentive for those converting to solar. It is yours to use as you wish. Please consult a tax professional for details as to how it relates to your personal financial situation.
  • With the US averaging 205 days of sunshine each year, here in North Texas, we see 228 days on average.
    • At just over 33 degrees N latitude, we are always close enough to the sun for your panels to generate very well. Add to that the excess of sunny days that we get in North Texas as compared to the rest of the US, and it’s a formula for solar success stories.
  • Denton Municipal Electric is solar-friendly.
    • Denton Municipal Electric allows homeowners with solar panels to use the utility as a storage bank. In general your solar system will over-generate. Excess energy is pushed to DME during daylight hours. When the sun goes down, you then draw from the excess you pushed to DME during the day. Unlike some other utilities  that pay only a wholesale rate, DME gives homeowners full credit for energy pushed to them up to the break even point.This policy allows you to get the most out of your solar generation system.
      From their web site:

“DME will give you credit for the overproduction of energy. It is a 1-1 trade until you have entirely offset your consumption for the month.”

I'm not a gadget person, so solar power was not on my radar. Once Scott showed me the economics of it, the decision was easy.
Connie Lane
Denton Resident
Other solar proposals were confusing with huge numbers. Brightside Solar made it simple and saved us a bundle on our solar system. We love it!
Kelly & Clay Briggs
Denton Residents
  • While it does add to the value of your home, upgrading to solar panels will not add to Denton residents’ tax appraisal value.
    • The state of Texas has passed legislation prohibiting appraisal districts from using the substantial value added to your home by solar to increase the tax base of your house. 
    • My customers save a lot of money with solar. This is because I sell solar for a lower price and optimize their systems for maximum production. 
      Your upfront investment is $0 and your electric bill is eliminated.
Scott Hazard - Brightside Solar
Scott Hazard - Brightside Solar
My Pledge to You:
  • As an independent agent of the two largest solar installers in America, I have complete independence when it comes to sales practices and pricing. I don’t have a corporate manager above me demanding that I sell at a high price and I don’t sell door-to-door. 
  • I price all solar systems at the same rate. Your final price varies depending on the system size, but my pricing is consistent and you WILL SAVE MONEY with your solar generation system.
  • Your solar system will have a full 25 year warranty on all components, materials and workmanship.
  • I’ll use my experience and knowledge to design your solar system so that it performs as well as possible. Frankly, some houses are not suited for solar and I will tell you that if it is the case.
  • A low interest loan can be obtained to pay for your solar system. You need not be a credit rockstar to qualify. Most customers realize positive cash flow when comparing their current electric bill with the amount of the monthly payment on their solar system. That payment will not increase, so as electric rates rise, your cost of electricity stays the same. 
  • I will stand beside you and communicate with you from the time we first meet until your system is installed and activated.
  • I live the solar lifestyle. I have a 10.2kW system with Tesla Powerwalls that  covers the electrical needs of my home in Denton. I’ve got both industry experience and real-life experience and will guide you in the best direction to suit your individual needs.
  • When you call me, I answer the phone. It will be me personally working with you. For this reason, I only help up to 5 customers at a time through the installation process.