The 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit

The 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit

Through 2033, those who install solar on their homes will get a 30% credit on their Federal taxes. This is a nice incentive that makes solar affordable. Homeowners are in no way obligated to spend the money on their solar system, but the credit is structured to help them do just that.

For more information on this credit, how it works and who qualifies, see the following link to the Dept. of Energy web site: Homeowner’s Guide to the Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics

About Rolling Over Unused Federal  Investment Tax Credit

On this page, updated in September 2022, you will see the section shown below that clearly states that the credit rolls over. As long as the credit is in effect (which is through 2033) it can be rolled over. is the web site for the United States  Department of Energy, a Federal Government web site. 

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