The Denton Solar Rebate Program

For several years, the city of Denton has offered cash incentives for residents who install photovoltaic generation systems (solar panel systems) on their house. 

The amount of the rebates and the amount of the rebate pool have both increased in 2021. The money is available in the Fall and has historically not lasted until the end of the year before the funds are exhausted. 

We monitor and provide helpful information to our customers all the way through the entire process. This includes doing everything we are able to do to help you attain all available incentives, rebates and other benefits of converting to solar. In the end, your incentives are between you and the body granting the incentive. We are unable to act on our customers’ behalf. 

The Denton Solar Rebate Program has been renewed for 2022. The rebate calculation is the same as 2021.

In 2021, the Denton Solar Rebate program offered rebates as follows:

  • Systems rated 3-5 KW/AC – .80 per watt
  • Systems rated 5.1 – 10 KW/AC – .60 per watt
  • Systems rated at 10.1+ KW/AC – .40 per watt

AC ratings are based on the inverter’s rating. A system with a 5KW inverter got a rebate of $4000 (5,000 x .80). A system with a 10KW inverter got a rebate of $6000 (10,000 x .60) and so on. 

Rebates are triggered by filing an application for solar with DME during a period of time when rebate funds are available. These funds have historically become available on Oct. 1 when the new budget goes into effect.

Once the money is exhausted, rebates are not available again until approved by the City Council againand the following year’s budget takes effect. 

The average City of Denton rebate size among our customers in 2021 hovered around $4800. Citywide, the average for 2021 was $5600. 

On top of this, qualified buyers also enjoy a 30% Federal Tax Credit.  


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Tracking Your solar permit

The City of Denton uses eTRAKIT to manage permits. It provides a fairly simple interface that homeowners can use to see the status of their permits. 

Here is a link to the system:
There is no need to log in to anything to use this permit tracker. 

  1. Open this page.
  2. On the first dropdown menu, select Site Address
  3. On the second dropdown menu, select Contains
  4. Now type in only your street number and street name. ie: 201 Main
  5. Click Search

You will now see all permits that the city has for your property. This is all public information.

From here you can see the status of your permit(s) from filing all the way through inspections and completion.