Solar System FAQ

  • Since solar panels only work during daylight, you still have half of your utility bill at the end of the month. Right?
    • Your solar system will generate a large excess during the day. The system feeds that excess energy to the grid. When the sun goes down, you then draw that energy back from from the grid. At the end of your monthly billing cycle, the utility company calculates how much you have drawn from them and how much you have sent to them. The difference is then applied either as a debit or a credit to your account. This process is known as Net Metering and allows you to fully use your solar system to your best benefit.  
  • What about storm damage to the panels?
    • When your solar system is installed, for about the price of dinner for two, you can add a rider to your homeowner’s policy that covers your solar system. So if a storm damages your solar system, it would be covered with the other damage done to your roof from the storm. Solar panels are made of shatter-resistant materials. They are amazingly resilient. 
  • Do I need to clean or otherwise maintain my panels?
    • Under most conditions, the short answer is no. Panels that are mounted at a slope of at least 20 degrees (which most all panels are) will keep themselves clear of dust or dirt buildup with the rain we normally get. 
  • How much is my federal tax credit?
    • As of 2021, it is 26%. You are free to put that money toward your solar system or you can put it in your pocket. The solar system qualifies for the rebate as do home backup systems when bought with a system AND when purchased alone. 
  • How much do I have to pay up front to get solar installed on my house?
    • As long as you are the homeowner and your credit is decent (> 640), you pay nothing upfront. Our low interest solar loans require no down payment. Going solar is as simple as stopping paying the utility company and starting to pay for your solar system. 
  • What if my roof is in bad shape before I get a solar system?
    • Your roof needs to be in good shape and not in need of replacement.  
  • Can my home be re-roofed after I get a solar system?
    • Absolutely. The panels and the racks are removed, your house is re-roofed and the panels and racks are re-installed. 
  • What is the warranty on the solar system and its components?
    • All systems we sell are warrantied in their entirety for 25 years. This includes all electrical components, all connectors, the panels, the inverter… everything, even a 25 year warranty on roof penetration (leaks) is included with your system at no extra cost.  
  • How much would I save over the life of the system?
    • This depends on a lot of different factors. If your roof is well positioned and completely free of shade, you can save tens of thousands of dollars over 25 years by going solar. What we can do for MOST people, is reduce monthly electric costs by 10-25%. So savings from Day 1 are real. And your new lower cost never goes up. 
  • How long does it take to install?
    • Depending on system size, installation is usually one day or two.  

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  • What is the installation timeline if I sign up today?
    • Figure about a 6-8 week process after you sign the contract. I will keep you updated and help you through every step of the way. This is one of my main functions if you are my client. 
  • Do cities or states give rebates in addition to the federal tax credit?
    • Some do and it is worth looking in to. I can help with that as well.  Googling “(yourtown) solar rebate program” is a good place to start. 
  • Can I still get a solar system if I have a lot of trees?
    • Simple answer… yes. But your roof needs to be free enough of shade to get at least 4-5 hours of direct mid-day sunlight for solar to work well for you. Trimming trees is often something that people consider when going solar. 
  • What if I have a lot of debt or my credit isn’t great right now?
    • Fortunately, your credit doesn’t have to be perfect to get a solar loan. The process of qualifying is simple and takes about 10 seconds and they don’t even run a full credit report. We submit your information to the lender and get an instant answer, based on a “soft” credit report, which is what utility, cable and other such companies use to determine eligibility. This process has no effect on your credit and does not register an inquiry, but it is enough to let the lender know whether or not they can move forward.
      If you have debt depending on the layout of your home, we can likely configure a system for you that will meet your electricity needs and lower your power bill while allowing you to keep the  Federal Tax Credit to help pay your debt down or off.
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