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solar cost comparison calculator DFW Area

If you have other quotes, this calculator will show you where we stand in comparison to them. Simply select the system size, what you plan to do with your incentive and any added Powerwalls and we’ll do the rest… instantly and without ever even asking your name. 

Our main solar cost calculator allows you to enter your avg. electric bill and calculates a system with that information. Try it here!

We will never make you submit personal information to use our calculator. 

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Brightside Solar System Comparison Calculator
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This calculator is purely a tool for a quick estimation. 

Use the form below to contact me if you are interested in more information. I am the sole recipient of your contact info and I won’t share it. 

I’ll be happy to send you a detailed proposal that will fully explain everything and answer all of your questions. 

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Scott Hazard - Brightside Solar