Solar Savings and Cost Calculator

Brightside Solar is happy to provide this solar calculator for homeowners to use. We hope it will help you make informed choices on your solar system. We hope you will consider getting a free quote from Brightside Solar. 

This calculator is for estimation purposes only. Individual pricing can vary for many reasons, but this calculator will give you a realistic estimation of a payment for a new solar system. Cash pricing is also available. Again, this is an estimation. 

This calculator is designed for Denton, Texas residents who use Denton Municipal Electric (DME), but if your utility provider offers net metering, the results of this calculator will be close for your home as well. Again… this is just a quick estimation. 

Brightside Solar is not affiliated with Denton Municipal Electric or any other electric provider. 

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Solar System Size, Cost and Savings Calculator


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I hope you’ll find our calculator useful. I believe in providing prospective customers with answers and information up front in hopes that people will see that we do business in an information-driven, open, non-pressure environment. 

Being an independent agent of the largest solar installers nationwide, I am able to offer a level of service and pricing that you generally won’t see. I have no corporate bosses demanding that I maintain high profit margins or sell using pressure tactics. Based on the experience I had when I converted to solar, I saw an opportunity to add value and better help consumers in an industry that I am personally very passionate about. 

I’ll guarantee you a top notch system that performs as expected or better, the best full warranty in the business and a great experience in getting it all done. I live the solar lifestyle and can guide you through the process of configuring, purchasing and installing a solar system that will provide plenty of energy for your home for decades to come. 

Scott Hazard - Brightside Solar
Scott Hazard - Brightside Solar