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Technology drives the efficiency of the panels. As they have gotten better, that increase in efficiency saves homeowners money on their power generation needs. We’ve reached the point where that efficiency can be leveraged to cover your whole home and save you a sizable amount of money on electricity.

The grid outage of February 2021 convinced many that it was time for Texans to take matters into their own hands and do something to control their own energy future.

I started Brightside Solar to help people do just that, take control of their energy production needs for their home. As a responsible, ethical independent agent, my pledge to you is a great quality system, the best possible terms on that system and a world class support team to make sure your solar system meets your needs for decades to come. 

Scott Hazard – Brightside Solar


I am involved in my community. When I am not helping Theatre Denton by building and managing their web site, I can be found doing things like this.